Musican, congist, perccusion drummer, vocalist, text-song writer, manager, cultural promoteur, Promoteur of Drums in Lublin.

A graduate at Uniwersity in Lublin – UMCS with main subject Promoteur and Manager of culture with specialisation Theatre.

Since 1992 closely related to Lublin music background/scene.

I attended percussion classes at first A. Rubinstein Private Musical School in Lublin.

Sang in „Igor & B.B.K. Acoustic Sound” (1992-1995 – authorial music); co-created Lublin drummer team „GONBLE” (1995-1998).

Since May 1995 I play as a percussionist in „Orkiestra Św. Mikołaja” www.mikolaje.lublin.pl;

I played since 1998 in a band „Jahiar Group” (perssian music) in which I was a vocalist, congist, co-founder and manager.

As a Promoteur of Drum since 1996 I have run regular „Unremitting Drum Workshops”.

Leader of percussion group „Escola! Ritmo”(2004-2006) and „Young Djembe” (2007) whose bands are the result of drum workshops, mostly students of those workshops, adepts of drum art.

I organised International Festival of Oriental Culture “Orient Lublin” (2002-2005).
I cooperated as a actress and musican with „Theatre from Lublin” (1994-1995r) making music for shows like Europeen Voo Doo Dole.
Recorded (percussion music, drumms, vocal) form many Polish music bands.
Since 2006 I cooperate with R.Rozmus – recorded drum parts for renowned movies with international cast: „Secrets of Watykan” or „Roman Triptych” (translated for 9 languages).
2009 – I work for J.CH.Andersen Puppet and Actor Theatre in Lublin, compose music to shows and also play it live (in those plays: „Song about Roland” directed by Daniel Arbaczewski; „Adventure of Sindbad Sailor” by Mark Pitman, Sean Mayett).
I have played 2000 concerts.
In December 2008 I was honoured by President of Lublin Award of many years popularizing and spreading culture.
Since October 2009 I am Coordinator of Cultural Education at Academical Cultural Center „Students Hut” at University Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej – www.ack.lublin.pl
Tel. +48 602-266-695